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What can daily toner and cleanser do for your skin?

I was thinking about buying some toner, cleanser and lotion. I have ugly skin and i always have to use 10 pounds of liquid foundation to cover up my blotches and blemishes, which makes my skin more ugly and pimply. Will toner and cleanser help? And if i doesn't what will? If it will how long will it take?What can daily toner and cleanser do for your skin?
I used to get bad pimples and blackheads aswell as have kind of blotchy uneven skin. I tried just about EVERYTHING!!! but nothing seemed to work.

I tried Proactive, but as my skin is quite sensitive every time I used it, I felt a burning sensation and it used to make my skin redder.

I then went to a beauty salon and the beauty therapist did an analysis on my skin and ended up using Products called Dermalogica.

It felt so soothing and calming and better yet, NO BURNING sensation because I have sensitive skin. I ended up using this for a month and saw a vast improvement which I also did in combination with another treatment called Silk Peels.

I used a cleanser called:

Dermalogica UltraCalming Cleanser For Face and Eyes

and a moiturer called:

Dermalogica Active Moist

There are heaps of differen Dermalogic cleansers/moisturisers to suit your skin type, so I'd probably suggest going to a Beauty Salon that uses the Dermalogica products and getting them to do an analysis on your skin to see which type you use. You can probably find a place on the Dermalogica website.


The beauty Salon I went to, also had another treatment they used called a Silk Peel - Where they used this little vaccum sucking machine to clean your face. It sucks up blackheads/pimples/dirt/oil etc. completely safe, and not dangerous at all and doesn't hurt. All you feel is a sucking motion on your face...(there is no peel or anything). I'ts great. After you get one done, you can feel you face and your skin DOES feel like Silk!!!! (hence why they call it that name). It used to cost me about $ 100 per session.

I'm not sure where you could get them from. Only a few beauty salons have it i think. But if you did some research I would definitely recommend it. I used to do a Silk Peel monthly in combination with the creams.

Here I found from the place I go to what it says about the Silk Peel.

SilkPeel Dermalinfusion is the most advanced form of micro-dermabrasion available in the world today. It is a breakthrough treatment that combines non-invasive exfoliation with infusion of skin-specific solutions to improve and revitalize your skin. Benefits include:

Immediate skin improvement

A non-invasive technique

Simultaneous exfoliation, dermalinfusion, lymphatic, muscle and nerve point stimulation.

Specific solutions to address clients concerns

No down time

No peeling

No prior skin preparation time required

Fast and effective

Find out more:


What can daily toner and cleanser do for your skin?
First things first. REST your face for a while: no make-up no foundation, or whatsoever. Try using a very, very mild liquid soap (ex. Cetaphil) and then try AVENE TriX茅ra emollient cream if you like. You would see your face rejuvenated, and then that's the only time you could start using a daily toner and cleanser. A good toner and cleanser could help tighten the pores of your skin and give you a healthy, refreshed and constantly renewed skin. 脺
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