Friday, December 25, 2009

Is it nessesary to use a toner on your skin?

I feel that if I dont use toner, my skin does not break out as much. But isn't toner suppose to be beneficial?

Please advise?Is it nessesary to use a toner on your skin?
The skin has a pH balance of 5.5 and water has a pH balance as high as 9.5 depending on how hard the water is. When we wash our face , the skin's pH balance is disturbed and our skin works hard to restore its natural pH balance. It normally takes half hour for this process.

A toner restores the pH balance instantly and then the skin is ready for moisturizing. This way a toner saves our skin from over stressing !

Its always safe to use an alcohol free toner. This way our skin can be protected from over drying.

The best natural toner is Rosewater. It also moisturizes the skin.

So, its always good to use a toner after a face wash. Just a few minutes spent on our skin will keep it healthy and beautiful ! :-)Is it nessesary to use a toner on your skin?
No it is not that nessary. Hope I helped
It isn't necessary but it is beneficial, especially if you have oily and dry skin combo such as the t-zone on your face, it helps smooth out the over all skin tone so your makeup goes on smoother as stays on longer during the day and if your old enough for makeup, you're old enough for a good toner, non alcohol.
You don't need toner. It has a high alcohol content that can actually irritate your skin and make breakouts worse. People with sensitive skin should not use it.

If you have oily skin or problems with breakout, try just washing with a cleanser designed to treat acne and using a really light, oil-free moisturizer during the day.
yes its neccesary for some
toner tightens your pores that way less makeup will get in them

and yes toner is great
don't use toner , its useless and might damage your skin if anything *
if u have really bad acne u might wanna use it but i would make sure I'm not allergic to it.
i use toner at least once a week
toners are used mostly for adult acne...they tighten the pores because it is alcohol based.
very benifcial you shouldnt go without it

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