Saturday, December 26, 2009

What is the best cleanser, moisturizer and toner?

Is there any that you just swear by?What is the best cleanser, moisturizer and toner?
I have seen almost miraculous changes in my clients skin when using Murad. It is amazing!

I like Peter Thomas Roth almost as much too.What is the best cleanser, moisturizer and toner?
my favorite moisturizer is Pond's mend %26amp; defend Intensive Protection SPF 15 moisturizer. It's pretty cheap and lasts a really long time plus it really keeps your skin looking healthy!
Mary Kay!!!!! No I don't sell it, but I love it.
It really just depends on your skin type. I have normal skin and i love these:

Cleanser-Clean and Clear Morning Burst Cleanser

Moisturzer-Clean and Clear Morning Moistuzer

Toner-Clearasil Cooling Toner
Dermalogica ...all the way its expensive but worth it.
anything that is nuetrogena
Proactiv. Deffinately. I started using my friends when I would spend the night at her house, and was amazed the next morning. Granted, it didnt clear up overnight, but i saw more of a change than anything else I've used. I suggest ordering it as soon as you can!!!
I only use this girls soap and butters. You can use her body butters on your face and its awesome. I swear by them, I won't go anywhere without them.. completely addicted to them!!!!

Toner.. I just use whatever. :)

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