Wednesday, December 30, 2009

what is the right way to apply skin toner ?

when should it apply on the skin i.e after washing the face in the morning or should I left it on my face before sleeping? what is the right way to apply skin toner ?
I usually apply it anytime after I wash my face, but I use one at night that does not have salicylic acid so it doesn't dry out my skin. Always moisturize after applying toner with an oil free moisturizer (: what is the right way to apply skin toner ?
after you have cleansed, preferably onto a dry skin, wet cotton makeup pads (disks) with the toner, strong wiping motions to remove any residue of cleanser.

cleanser and toner are like shampoo and conditioner! (except you dont remove the toner like the conditioner.

follow toner with moisturiser.

cleanse tone and moisturise day and night :)
The skin had PH balance of 5.5, while water can have Ph as high as 9.5 depending on whr u lie n hw hard water is.

after face wash our skin PH is completely distorted and the skin starts wrkin overtime to restore PH levels. A process which may take upto half an hour. on the other hand, if toner is used PH levels are restored in an instant.

a toner should always be applied to a cleansed face. it should be applied with cotton pad. saturate the cotton pad and pat the toner gently over your face and neck area. apply it to the forehead, cheeks, chin and nose on the whole face never rub ur skin when applying.

after applyin toner skin may feel little dry and tat's y u need to apply moisturizer after toning.

if ur skin is oily using strong alcohol-based toner like clean n clear to reduce oil, but there is a chance of over dryin. so it's important that u stick with a regime for a couple of weeks before you can tel a particular product suits ur skin r not.
we have to apply it after washing your face in the morning

skin toner help balance the pH levels in your skin and close your pores.

but the moisturiser smooth your skin and soften it
I usually apply it after I wash my face in the morning; a little trick, if its hot weather, keep your toner in the fridge. When you put it on cold, it feels so good to the skin.

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