Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What exactly does toner do for your face?

a few weeks ago i started a new skin care routine, and it's really working. I use a facewash, then toner and then moisturizer. But i don't really know what toner does and i was wondering! thx for any answers!What exactly does toner do for your face?
toner also removes soap residue and the last traces of makeup left on your skin. You really want to tone your skin after every wash because you don't want to leave any gunk on your face before moisturizing. Toners also help deep clean your pores and remove dirt and bacteria that can cause acne. exactly does toner do for your face?
After cleansing, the skin is a little oily and open. The toner tightens the pores back up and gets rid of any oil. If you have dry skin, make sure to use a moisturizer after.
It tightens the skin (but in a good way!) and gets it ready for the moisturiser to work even better.
Toner as in Laser Printer toner? The black powder stuff? Probably not the best thing to put on your face! lol
refines your pores
it takes the oil out of it and gives you a good tan look.

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