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What is the difference between a toner and a deep pore cleanser?

what are the basic steps involved in face cleansing?

a toner is used first or a deep pore cleanser?

Can people with dry skin use toner and deep pore cleanser everyday?

Any other tips for adding fairness to dull and dry skin?What is the difference between a toner and a deep pore cleanser?
Dear Fren!

You have asked a question which contains multiple clauses thus I render my answer in the same way.

1. Difference between Toner and Cleanser


Toner is used to help the skin maintain its health by providing extra richness which often contains Vitamins, Vegitable %26amp; Fruit Extracts etc whereas Deep Pore Cleanser is mainly consistant of Chemicals of different types for removal of Dust Contaminations from skin. They act reciprocally to Toners.

2. Basic Steps in Face Cleansing


2.1 Take luke warm water

2.2 Opt for a Face Wash of good repute

2.3 Wash the Face with luke warm water

2.4 Apply face wash and let it work while making foam for a moment

2.5 Dry your skin with a soft Towel and try to rub a bit in circle

You are done!

3. A Toner is used first or....


Obviously you will first use a Deep Cleanser to remove contamination from skin then you apply the Toner to find it afresh.

4. Can people with Dry Skin...


Yes! Cleansing is necessary for every type of skin as it protects it from being infected. Moreover, a healthy skin can have more imunity to fight dryness

5. Any other tips for...


If your skin is dul and dry you will have to fix the problem from within your body first then any outer application shall be used. To get the glowing skin send me your complete living style--- your daily routine tasks, your eating, drinking and smoking habbits and every other factor related to your body---at my personal address for better understanding of your problem.

However, you can get some benefit from this tip

At night before going to bed, wash your face as described in face washing segment. Then apply mixture of Glycerine and Rose Extract as a lotion to your skin. Leave it whole night and in the morning wash your face with the luke warm water.

After 7 days you will smile with your skin!What is the difference between a toner and a deep pore cleanser?
you always use a cleanser to clean your faces and pores then after you apply a toner which will close those clean pores and then you apply a moisturizer... depending how dry is your skin I would not use a deep pore cleanser everyday maybe once a week instead.

make sure you're using a product for dry/ sensitive skin, no perfume and hypo-allergenic it should help your dry skin and prevent irritation.
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