Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Should i start using a toner in my beauty regime?

How will my skin benefit from using one? i usually just wash n moisterize.. will my skin be any better if i start using one? i currently have one by 'simple' which i havent used.. its alcahol free with witch hazel

wat are the best toners to look out for?Should i start using a toner in my beauty regime?
Yes, always use a toner. It's really important. A toner cleans all the dirt, makeup, and cleanser that's left behind. It also cleans the pores and then close them up so that your skin is free from bacteria and stays healthy. Just make sure it's alcohol free =)Should i start using a toner in my beauty regime?
Absolutely yes is the answer to that. A toner removes all traces of your cleanser and relaxes your skin ready for your moisturiser. I use a toner from LUSH which is basically rose and lavender, my skin is sensitive so it's perfect and soothing, I use it as a facial spritzer too. I'd never be without my toner. I'm 33 and have always used one since I was 14 when I started with The Body Shop honey water one.
the ayur skin toner is the best it is non alcahol and natural
yes! toner helps you to close your pores. if youre skeptical about it use it 3 times a week first

try vichy products. they really work.

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