Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How do I remove heated toner from inside my laser printer?

My laser printer started smudging streaks on pages, and I discovered that it was due to a strip of toner that had been already heated but was stuck to one of the paper handling rollers. The stuff is now caked on and hard as a rock. The heated toner has been smudging the sheets. How can I get it off without destroying the printer?How do I remove heated toner from inside my laser printer?
It sounds like your toner is on the fuser roller (is this roller one long roller the width of the paper?), this is why it is melted and hard caked on. Usually when this happens it means the fuser assy is deteriorating and needs to be replaced. You can try to knock off the hard toner using a fairly hard piece of plastic first or use a metal knife blade, but you'd have to be really careful and you can easily cause more damage to the roller, but if it needs replaced anyhow it won't matter, just be ready to buy a new fuser assembly.

If the toner is actually on a small paper handling roller, then chances are it is plastic or rubber. The toner should be able to be scraped off with your fingernail without any damage to the roller.

Best of luck.

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