Monday, December 21, 2009


wat does it even do????? i dont see the point of it. is it importantToner!!!?????
Toner is a chemical based exfoliant. You generally use it after you wash your face, mine is too sensitive so I use in it the morning and don't wash my face. Anyways it helps to peel off the dead skin on your face, apparently it is better than a scrub because it is chemically removing the skin instead of harshly scrubbing it off. If helps keep your face even looking (evenly TONED) and can help get rid of dull skin- getting off the top layer of dead cells is good because it stimulates new cell growth. Most of the time the first few times you use it you will see brown stuff of the cotton ball, this is dead skin not dirt! I really like Clinique's toners because they come in different strengths so you can get the most effective use without irritating your face.Toner!!!?????
I have heard that if you use one before putting on moisturizer or your skin treatment, that it will absorb better if you put on a toner first (it is the whole idea that slightly damp skin is more absorbant than dry skin). However, as for actually doing anything for the skin itself--I find they don't do much. If anything, they tend to be a bit drying, especially if they contain alcohol. In my opinion, not worth the money, but hopefully my info helped you!

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